Bring the shopping experience to the next level

Put the consumer at the heart of the shopping experience thanks to our responsive store technology




Create intelligent stores that place you one step ahead of your competition and put the consumer at the heart of the shopping experience.

Bring the shopping experience to the next level

Your intelligent


the new shopping habits

Innovative and unique instore shopping experience

Big data for shopper insight and realtime merchandising

A single platform for all your instore digital experience

Our limit

is your imagination


Design a seamless instore customer experience

Collect and analyze your data in realtime

Adapt your merchandising according to your shopper insight

Bringing back

value in the stores

Improved customer experience

Personalised guidance through the shopping process

Personalised product reccommendation

Interactive discovery of products

Easier product localisation

Product availability / Product substitution

Precise custom insights

Engagement rates of instore merchandising

Product attraction in purchasing situation

Occupation rates of shops for optimized HR management

Store to store, country to country comparison

Global ROI of a merchandising campaign

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